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Townsend Teague

"I believe Broadway is a crazy business and most of its practitioners are, by normal standards, a bit eccentric -- and I love it."

I’ve spent two decades working on the business operations side of Broadway, an industry that represents a significant portion of the New York City economy and workforce and is a globally recognized economic and cultural U.S. export. 


All my life I have heard Broadway is dying or endangered, and theater in general is doomed to become a relic. This notion seems to be of particular importance today, not only because of the prolonged period of darkness caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but also from a threat of what could become of our industry if we do not break barriers and reform for the better. 


I believe Broadway is a crazy business and most of its practitioners are, by normal standards, a bit eccentric – and don’t get me wrong I love it, but when I consider the status quo I have witnessed since arriving to NYC to begin my first internship in 2001, and the ways in which business as usual gets done, who gets what and why, I believe a better future must be possible.


Here’s the good news. These concerns, which have been expressed by countless others, finally appear to be creating some room for long overdue discussions, reviews of outdated and unfavorable systems, and calls for accountability and transparency. As an industry we have our work cut out for us, and as we advance on this path it is my wish that we may recognize and reward individuals who act with integrity and do the right thing, even when no one is watching, and alternatively be brave enough to question things that don’t seem right, and come together to find solutions. 


It is incumbent on all of us, from those newly arriving to the industry, to individuals at the mid and later points of their careers to commit to this work.  Our lives, our communities and our professions depend on it. If we do, I am certain a great future awaits. 


I hope you are safe & well.


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