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Welcome to the Highest Standard

In the Storytelling Economy

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A Market Leader

We are an operating company focused exclusively on the entertainment sector with a concentration on developing and producing theater and media, ownership and management of ancillary entities, and the acquisition of related assets. Our founders are well known in this space, having held prominent positions on many notable and industry-defining projects, and active roles within the overall community. We are entertainment lovers. And market leaders.


“The best entertainment organizations of the future will empower the most talented creatives and entrepreneurs with superior collaboration, support and process.”

- Townsend Teague



We invest in artists who are

transforming the global

storytelling industry.

We know how Broadway works: the complexity of the ecosystem, the agendas and motivations of established players, and what it takes to be successful. As production specialists, we are conscious of how important it is for creatives to stay focused to succeed, and we aim to be the most knowledgeable and dedicated artist collaborator in the industry. We’ve spent years supporting creators, can value work on artistic merit, and we know what we are looking for and move with conviction when we see it.


We focus on businesses and strategic direction as much as we focus on the creative side of production. We invest in entrepreneurs who are partners in the journey of building companies that shape, power, and protect the next generation of Broadway. Where others see bricks & mortar, we see a frame for storytelling and shared experience that is a launchpad to distribute across the entertainment sector. Whether we invest in or acquire a recognized name and take it to the next level or throw our support behind a new and potentially industry-defining company, once we commit, we are laser-focused on driving value. After years of working as operators, researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs, we understand every category of the industry and clearly see the potential in exceptional entrepreneurs. 

We invest in businesses that

vertically integrate with ours.


We believe in our ability to bring positive, measurable impact to the communities where we operate and do business. Our theater and media projects are meant to evoke emotional connection, and our organization that oversees them is meant to serve as a platform to cultivate relationships and enrich life experience. We recognize and value our stakeholders: investors, staff, collaborators, audiences and others who come into contact with our work. Our goal is for people to believe we are the most committed partner they have ever interacted with.

We are building the future
we want to live in.



Townsend Teague


Chief Executive Officer


Liesl Lar


Chief Creative Officer



Elevate the Conversation


 Watch Our Documentary
Presented by Bicycling and Women's Health Magazines

This story takes you along for the bumpy ride of infertility and how training for a grueling bike race helped one couple through it.


 Watch Our Documentary 
Presented by Bicycling and Women's Health Magazines

This story takes you along for the bumpy ride of infertility and how training for a grueling bike race helped one couple through it.

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Paid Top Price for Broadway and Can’t Hear the Dialogue?

Townsend Teague contributes to a conversation about the triangular relationship among shows, venues and audiences, and the specific challenges of making sound work.


Let's Build The Future Together

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